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On an average, we can take about 120 to 125 photos per hour with our photo print uploas station. The number of photos we can produce at the event is to some extent predicated on the complexity of the provided green screen graphics and the concentration of nearby wireless networks within the location.

We provide our own closed Cellular network between our computer and our upload devices. Most locations employ a firewall device on their wifi network (for their own security purposes) that blocks or prevents unauthorized communicationa between computers operating on the network. Our uploading & survey touchscreen devices require unrestricted communications for operation. The cost of getting a network connection around the firewall is very expensive at these locations

We can accommodate persons and large groups being photographed, having images printed and 3 individuals simultaneously uploading to social media, with all functions coinciding in different cycles occuring at the same time. Automated photo kiosks operate one user or group of users being photographed, printing photos or uploading their photo to complete the user cycle.

How customers prefer to access customer support: phone, email, online chat, Facebook, or Twitter
Which features customers would like to see on your next product release
Which features they do not use and why they don't use them
Are product features irrelevant, or help the customer to gain knowledge and to understand the feature's value
Gain insight for your product development team, so let them help formulate the survey questions

Our photographer poses each shot, The photo editor will call for an immediate reshoot in the event of an eye blink or other photo imperfection.

Our print station uses hi speed photo printers. It is standard operating proceedure to always bring and connect 2 hi-speed photo printers with us to every job site. The second is always powered up and fully connected and is always ready should the primary printer happen to fail or it becomes inoperable during the event. We also have a backup DSLR camera and a backup computer, should the need arise during an event. Our printer/upload stations are highly reliable professional electronic components. However, they contain many technologies converging within the one unit. The high speed printers print at the rate of a 5x7 every 12 seconds. In our estimation, it is prudent that one printer be used as a backup, should the primary printer happen to fail or it becomes inoperable during the event. Additionally, we always make available 3 touch screen devices for visitor uploading and sharing of images at your event. Attendees sometimes can't remember their login passwords and need more time during the uploading process causing a bottleneck in the upload process. By having 3 upload screens, flow time is balanced and visitors are not waiting for an available upload screen to share thier photo and your branded message.

Images Posted To Social Media With your message
Photo Upload & Survey Screens iPad touch screens
Backup Photo Printer, DSLR Camera, Hotspot, Upload Screen & Computer Two of the electronics in your booth is our Standard Operating Proceedure
Optional Surveys & Data Collection Upon request
Electrical (1 Dedicated Circuit) 120VAC 20 amps.